Kim Louise. Manchester, UK.
Illustration student and lover of art, animals, crafts, space, science and tattoos amongst other things. This blog is for my own art, and things I find inspiring.

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Please check out my new project blog, I am illustrating each phase of the lunar month.

Experimental pattern making - geometric style = )
Not done any printmaking for a while, but I have come to realise that lino/ block printing is definatley my favourite. Here’s one of my floral prints edited with a nice hue in Photoshop.

Can’t live without sketchbooks =D Here’s some research and inspiration pages from my most recent project.

If you’ve got a spare minute, please check out my new blog Patterns Microscopic :) Using a microscope as reference, I’m taking inspiration from microscopic shapes and forms,  to create some abstract and unusual patterns. I’m uploading as I go along so keep an eye out!  
Night sky
Been busy recently making some new patterns, it’s something i’m really starting to get into :) This one is called ‘Jungle Book’.
Pattern constructed in Photoshop from original ink drawings.

matching oil paintings from back in 2012 (they’re on little wood plaque things)

Some mixed media paintings/drawings in my little sketchbook.

Bit of late night sketchbook painting. Acrylics and watercolour.

A Matryoshka doodle I did today, black ink on paper :)
A collection of little doodles i’ve done on pieces of scrap paper, labels and the back of receipts. Fineliner and pencil : )